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Customer Care

Cominos Olive Groves, take great care and pride in the products we produce.  Everything we produce is handmade with lots of love and attention.  Farming and operating a grove is a seasonal business.  Not every season is the same with one year producing a better crop than the previous.  We are still a small grove and for this reason, we only sell what we produce and on the odd occasion we might sell out.  While this might not be great for our customers, our customers can be reassured that when they buy our products they are buying the freshest of olives and Extra Virgin Olive Oil. That's not such a bad thing to wait for.

Privacy & Safety

Our customers privacy is of the highest importance to Cominos Olive Groves.  We store our customers' information for our own business purposes only and do not share this information with anyone.  All information is stored within our website and accounting databases.

Cominos Olive Groves prefer to use Paypal to manage all our online transactions and third party banking.  As a business preference we are bound by Paypal's protection and personal information storage policies and third party banking and payment verification methods.  When transactions take place, our customers receive an email confirmation indicating receipt of their order and payment.

Cominos Olive Groves invite interested retailers to buy direct from us and on sell any of our products.  Get in touch with us today for a Wholesale pricelist. 

Payment Methods

- Credit / Debit Cards (via Paypal)

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