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Local Family Business

Our family are third generation Greek Australians whose great grandparents on both sides, immigrated to Australia from the small island of Kythera, Greece between

1890 and 1930 and settled in Toowoomba.



Honest Hard Work

Located 1 hour south west of Toowoomba, Cominos Olive Groves is nestled within the foothills of Queensland's Darling Downs -  also known as Australia's food bowl.


Established in 2003, today our grove is just shy of 5000 olive trees with varieties chosen for their suitability to the mediterranean style climate of the region, their high yield and robust flavour.


Natural, Simple & Fresh

Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil is produced using modern centrifugal methods. These mimic

the traditional Cold Pressed method by avoiding the use of excessive heat or chemicals, to extract the fresh juice of the olive.

Our olives are pressed within hours of

harvesting, preserving the optimum health benefits and freshness of our oil.

Our table olives are handpicked and simply cured in a natural salt brine, ready to eat or be marinated in our traditional Greek marinades.

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